How to Keep Humility After a Great Success

How to Keep Humility After a Great Success

SUMMARY Make the decision early not to forget ‘the roots’. Remember all the struggles and everything gone through in order to get to where you are today. Humbleness will stay when you’re successful if it’s something you’ve decided on long ago. Success should be something you control, not something that takes control of you. Communicate and share … Continued

The Key to True Leadership

SUMMARY There is no such thing as a natural-born leader. Leadership is learned, plain and simple. Who do you lead? Yourself: True leadership starts from within. Lead in the good qualities of life and the good nature of life. Make quality decisions that others can model. What kind of leader are you? Review your daily … Continued


SUMMARY There are no other ethics than ethics. John Maxwell says, “There is no such thing as business ethics. There’s only ethics.  The good news is if you have them, they work everywhere in your life.”  If you don’t have them, you can get them.  You aren’t born with ethics. They are a product of adaptation and environment.   Ethics are a … Continued


 SUMMARY There is a difference between living righteously and living selfishly when it comes to your finances. Stewardship plays a role in determining which way you live. A good steward recognizes the gifts given as if they were on loan, takes charge of them and makes good come from those gifts. Good stewardship includes … Continued

How Successful People Make Decisions

SUMMARY There are only about 12 to 15 key decisions in everyone’s life. Examples of key decisions: Getting married, having children, a job change, moving to another area of the country, or buying a house. When making key decisions, take a little extra time but don’t procrastinate too much. ‘NO’ is a decision, never be … Continued

The Secret to Building Confidence

SUMMARY Some people are prone to it; others are not. Everyone can build it. Secrets to building confidence: Talk out loud. Speak words of positivity to yourself to bolster confidence. Focus on the things which you are good at. What are your talents, your skills? Recognize the attributes of positivity in your life and stick in that vein. … Continued

The Biggest Obstacle I Had to Overcome to Become an E5 Leader

SUMMARY The obstacle that gave me the most difficulty, that I had to overcome, was finances. I didn’t understand them; didn’t have respect for money. I was good at making money, but bad at hanging onto it. I didn’t know what to do for long-term, legacy, and proper investment. It was hard for me to go to … Continued

Advice for a Divorced CEO on Rebuilding Relationships

SUMMARY E5 Leader is a relationship-builder and mender. Anguish, grief, and baggage from the past can be dealt with by applying principles of E5, enabling you to approach those you love and may have hurt, seek their forgiveness and build bridges. Involve your (future) spouse in your leadership walk. Help him/her to make the transition into the … Continued

Equipping Yourself and Others for Life and Success

SUMMARY Equipping is being able to pass on something that you know. We equip our children when we teach them how to walk, talk, or eat. Equipping is also our actions, our role modeling. Using E5 tools, you will be able to apply knowledge, tools, processes and training that equips you to handle situations and … Continued

What Place Have You Visited that Impacted You the Most?

SUMMARY Mark’s favorite places to visit, the cathedrals and basilicas in the cities he visits, impact his spiritual pillar.  What place you’ve visited have affected you spiritually? According to Mark, faith built him more than he built his faith. He had a ‘Saul Moment’: a realization that there is a higher power and a higher … Continued

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