What It Means to Let Go and Let God

What It Means to Let Go and Let God

SUMMARY Adopting that phrase allows you to be free of having to have the final say in areas of life. It helps you to realize there are somethings that are out of your control, so you leave them to God. Another phrase to adopt is ‘love them where they’re at’. ‘Letting go and letting God’ … Continued


 SUMMARY There is a difference between living righteously and living selfishly when it comes to your finances. Stewardship plays a role in determining which way you live. A good steward recognizes the gifts given as if they were on loan, takes charge of them and makes good come from those gifts. Good stewardship includes … Continued

How Successful People Make Decisions

SUMMARY There are only about 12 to 15 key decisions in everyone’s life. Examples of key decisions: Getting married, having children, a job change, moving to another area of the country, or buying a house. When making key decisions, take a little extra time but don’t procrastinate too much. ‘NO’ is a decision, never be … Continued

The Secret to Building Confidence

SUMMARY Some people are prone to it; others are not. Everyone can build it. Secrets to building confidence: Talk out loud. Speak words of positivity to yourself to bolster confidence. Focus on the things which you are good at. What are your talents, your skills? Recognize the attributes of positivity in your life and stick in that vein. … Continued

The Power of Delayed Gratification

SUMMARY Delayed gratification is the practice of denial, detachment, or removal from something that you want. Waiting to eat cookies until after dinner is a simple example of delayed gratification. ‘Waiting to achieve’ is another form of delayed gratification when other priorities take precedent. Delayed gratification is important because it’s a form of discipline. Accomplishing a … Continued

What Is Behavior Modeling?

SUMMARY Modeling is what we are doing with our behaviors, our words, our actions, and our thoughts. Those thoughts turn to reality and then to action. Be conscious and careful of what you model. Others do what you do; not what you say.  A person in a position of authority, influence or leadership must be careful of … Continued

The Power of the Spoken Word

SUMMARY What you speak is what you think; what you think is what you believe, and your belief controls your actions. The association of words delivers a message, delivers instruction, and sends out a call to the world. By speaking aloud, you engage with other senses; giving the want, need and desire to go into … Continued

The Reasons Why Habits Determine Your Success

SUMMARY We learn habits They are environmental and can be taught. What inputs do you put into your mind to create habits? We can have a habit on how we think. It takes about 21 days to create a habit. As you repeat an action often enough, it becomes engrained and part of your natural thought … Continued

The Importance of Hope In Your Life

SUMMARY Hope is having belief in something that isn’t seen. Hope builds life, creates enthusiasm, and gives a torch to guide the way.   Without hope, you are destined to the worst things in life instead of the best. When a baby is born, there is great hope for that child’s success in life. Parents … Continued

What Can I Do to Be In Submission?

SUMMARY Having trouble being in submission? Odds are you have your arrows in. Look further than yourself; look to others and your service to others in order to learn submissiveness. Being submissive means not that you’re a door mat, but that you’re sub to the mission. What’s your mission? Be sub to that mission; put … Continued

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