The Importance of Hope In Your Life


  • Hope is having belief in something that isn’t seen.
  • Hope builds life, creates enthusiasm, and gives a torch to guide the way.  
  • Without hope, you are destined to the worst things in life instead of the best.
  • When a baby is born, there is great hope for that child’s success in life.
  • Parents keep belief alive because of their hope for a better future and better life for their child
  • Parents teach the child to avoid the moss-covered rocks of life and not slip and fall as they did. That’s a generation of hope.
  • Hope comes from a formula:  Whatever a man’s mind can conceive and believe, he will achieve.
  • Beware of those who try to steal your dream. Fight for the dream; find a way to keep that hope and dream alive.
  • Take captive of negative and toss it out.
  • There has never been so much opportunity as right now.  Now is the time to be hopeful!
  • Re-instill your faith in things you are hopeful for; in the process of learning, teaching, growing and developing because there’s always hope in any new adventure.

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