Most Important Thing Learned

Most Important Thing Learned

SUMMARY Mark learned that he is not always ‘the guy’– That ONE is too small a number for any type of significant success;  To be successful on a significant level, he is going to have to involve other people. This lesson changes the scope or the lens of how he views the world and his … Continued


SUMMARY Legacy is the habits we transfer from ourselves to others? Our inner circle is most likely to whom we transfer a legacy habit. Knowing that you’re leaving legacy throughout your life, makes you conscious of it, and capable to develop your own legacy. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? What difference/impact … Continued

Dream Building

SUMMARY A dream is a cause or a purpose greater than yourself that you want to fulfill. (A goal is something you can achieve on your own, a dream is bigger than you.) Dream-building is casting the vision for the dream. We can dream build in many ways: -with pictures. -physically visit the dream. – … Continued

What It Means to Let Go and Let God

SUMMARY Adopting that phrase allows you to be free of having to have the final say in areas of life. It helps you to realize there are somethings that are out of your control, so you leave them to God. Another phrase to adopt is ‘love them where they’re at’. ‘Letting go and letting God’ … Continued

How to Achieve Equilibrium and Live a Life of Prosperity

SUMMARY Equilibrium is the sum total of all the balances in your life. If only one pillar is off balance – you can’t be in equilibrium. Running in equilibrium brings benefits: becoming blessable brings out more love It’s a process in your life to develop equilibrium. Discern where you’re out of balance – create awareness. … Continued

How to Keep Humility After a Great Success

SUMMARY Make the decision early not to forget ‘the roots’. Remember all the struggles and everything gone through in order to get to where you are today. Humbleness will stay when you’re successful if it’s something you’ve decided on long ago. Success should be something you control, not something that takes control of you. Communicate and share … Continued

The Key to True Leadership

SUMMARY There is no such thing as a natural-born leader. Leadership is learned, plain and simple. Who do you lead? Yourself: True leadership starts from within. Lead in the good qualities of life and the good nature of life. Make quality decisions that others can model. What kind of leader are you? Review your daily … Continued


SUMMARY There are no other ethics than ethics. John Maxwell says, “There is no such thing as business ethics. There’s only ethics.  The good news is if you have them, they work everywhere in your life.”  If you don’t have them, you can get them.  You aren’t born with ethics. They are a product of adaptation and environment.   Ethics are a … Continued


 SUMMARY There is a difference between living righteously and living selfishly when it comes to your finances. Stewardship plays a role in determining which way you live. A good steward recognizes the gifts given as if they were on loan, takes charge of them and makes good come from those gifts. Good stewardship includes … Continued

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