SUMMARY Trust puts us into an area of no control; when we give up control, we’re exercising trust. Trust can be on two different levels: conscious and unconscious. Consciously trusting is conditional-it involves a decision to trust or be trusted. When making a conscious decision to trust, know who and why you’re doing it. If … Continued


SUMMARY One vision of success: the people who know you the best should love you the most. Another vision of success: a progressive realization of a worthwhile dream or goal. It’s going towards those things that are empowering you, which you want to achieve. Four levels of success: Survival, Stability, Success, and Significance. Survival: Your … Continued


SUMMARY Purpose is what directs us on our journey in life. If we find that our purposes have been too small, we need to get a new purpose. With a purpose greater than yourself, you will never run out of opportunity to serve, to grow, and to be more than you thought you could ever … Continued


SUMMARY Prayer is a communication made between the human being and a superior power, GOD. Human beings send prayers to an all-knowing, all-loving God in hope and faith that he’ll answer those prayers. Think about: “Does God hear and listen to my prayers?” How do you pray? Standardized prayers, like ‘Our Father’ or free, unstructured prayer If prayer hasn’t been … Continued

What It Means to Let Go and Let God

SUMMARY Adopting that phrase allows you to be free of having to have the final say in areas of life. It helps you to realize there are somethings that are out of your control, so you leave them to God. Another phrase to adopt is ‘love them where they’re at’. ‘Letting go and letting God’ … Continued

The Biggest Obstacle I Had to Overcome to Become an E5 Leader

SUMMARY The obstacle that gave me the most difficulty, that I had to overcome, was finances. I didn’t understand them; didn’t have respect for money. I was good at making money, but bad at hanging onto it. I didn’t know what to do for long-term, legacy, and proper investment. It was hard for me to go to … Continued

The Power of Delayed Gratification

SUMMARY Delayed gratification is the practice of denial, detachment, or removal from something that you want. Waiting to eat cookies until after dinner is a simple example of delayed gratification. ‘Waiting to achieve’ is another form of delayed gratification when other priorities take precedent. Delayed gratification is important because it’s a form of discipline. Accomplishing a … Continued

The Reasons Why Habits Determine Your Success

SUMMARY We learn habits They are environmental and can be taught. What inputs do you put into your mind to create habits? We can have a habit on how we think. It takes about 21 days to create a habit. As you repeat an action often enough, it becomes engrained and part of your natural thought … Continued

How to Become A Master of Your Own Domain of Time

SUMMARY How do you manage your time? Are you effective? Make a conscious decision to manage time and create priorities. Be a good steward of your time. By planning your time productivity in units, you can get more done in less time. Time goes by whether you’re doing anything or not. Don’t procrastinate on the … Continued

How to Create a Good Conflict Resolution Plan

SUMMARY Certain temperaments are prone to conflict and certain temperaments are not.   A choleric person looks forward to the conflict, whereas a phlegmatic person wants peace at all cost.  Everyone will run across conflict. You need a good resolution plan.  It’s a process:  ~Agree to disagree.  ~Recognize that the other person’s feelings and/or point of view is valid.  ~Serve … Continued

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