You’re Worth the Investment

In my early years mentoring with Mark Pierce, I remember he had me memorize these words:

God does not create junk.

He knew I needed to know that. I’d often struggled with believing in myself. I also knew that belief in myself would determine my level of personal effort. I quickly learned and used some special tips I’m going to share with you today.

First, let me ask you this:

How about you? How is your belief in yourself?

Over the years, I’ve worked really hard on developing the I am worth it attitude. Starting today, you can too!

What I found is that personal development starts with belief. If you’re going to strive to win every day, you need to have a strong belief in yourself and others. Once you hold firm to the belief that you’re created for greatness and that you’re worth investing in, you’ll then begin to adjust the way you think.

When you do that, you can begin to change.

Timeless leadership expert Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” How true that is…. Unless you change the way you think, you will never attain the level of success you desire.

If you were to ask me, back when I was a 24 year old Youth Minister, whether or not I’d become an expert in leadership and become an entrepreneur, I would’ve told you: you’re crazy! Over time, I changed my thinking – and that change made all of this possible.

You are no different than me. Wherever you are, whoever you are: you can change – you can invest – you can become more – so be excited!

If you’re reading this it means that you are teachable and curious. I tell those I coach that only a teachable spirit can prosper, so I applaud you.

I want to share with you one of my most prized quotes by Coach John Wooden. He said:

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

For me this quote is a game changer. This quote is about being teachable. How teachable are you? Do you know it all? Are you set in your ways… or are you looking to get outside the comfort zone and grow and prepare to learn and experience new things all the time?

I just recently told a great guy I’m coaching that teach-ability equals prosperity. If you’re not already teachable, do yourself a favor and be curious, be open, for where you don’t sow seeds, you won’t reap a harvest.

Now, let’s get to those tips that helped me to believe in me and to never stop growing.

The Investment

#1 Belief

Know who you are, what your values are and what direction you want to go.

When you raise your belief in yourself, you will naturally raise your expectations of excellence and your personal standards. Belief, if acknowledged and kindled, will act as a motivational force in your life thus helping you achieve more.

Here’s a thought for you to ponder:

At your eulogy, what would you want a loved one to share about you if only given 60 seconds?

#2 Habits

Create habits that support your belief.

Begin developing the daily habits that will support your beliefs – it’s a must. If you don’t change the things you do every day, you’ll never be the person of positive change you desire to be. You may have direction and belief but if you don’t possess discipline and good habits you’ll go nowhere – these must go hand in hand.

Here’s a tip to help:

Picture yourself doing something you desire and fill yourself with the feeling of belief in what you can become – such as losing 10 pounds or giving joy to everyone you meet. Write out three habits you will need to develop in order to reach this goal. Next, write a list of three people who can help you get going. Lastly, write out three places, events, or experiences that will help you attain this belief.

#3 Support

Create an inner circle of people who will support you.

Those you surround yourself with will determine your success. This is a very important principle that isn’t often given enough attention. All great leaders have a strong sense of community and unity that helps them attain personal greatness. No person can really succeed if he or she chooses to be an island.

Here’s a tip to help:

Look for like-minded people who are just as successful and passionate as you are. If you’re aiming in a certain direction, you need to associate with people who are doing the same. Associating with others who’ve already achieved success in this area will help you gain perspective and wisdom. Seek out positive and successful people, ask them to lunch and be prepared to ask questions and seek mentorship.

#4 Fuel

Engage in places, experiences, and people that will fuel your belief.

All positive change requires constant vision and belief building, stretching, and maintenance. Consider creating “growth doors” (places to refuel) in your life that you can constantly walk through to get recharged and fulfilled.

Some of my favorites: personal or communal prayer, meeting with my mentor or coach, recreational fishing and golfing, travel and adventure…. Use your times of fueling up to remind you of your mission, values, and belief.

Here’s a tip to help:

In the span of one month, examine your calendar and determine how much personal belief ‘fuel up time’ you give yourself each month. Manage and continue these positive events. If needed, add to your schedule some events that’ll help you attain a stronger focus and growth within your personal belief and values. For instance, if you value prayer: how many times a month are you attending church or praying? If you value quality time with your spouse: how many times a month do you go on a date?

#5 Authority

A leadership authority in your life gives you stability and centers your decisions.

Success is first born from thoughts and ideas and those thoughts always have a connection somewhere. Whether it be your faith, books, parents, a mentor, history… I want you to think about what leadership example or set of principles helps guide your leadership and personal growth.

For me, it’s my faith mixed with a few other factors: my family, mentors such as Mark Pierce and John Maxwell and some historical figures who gave me my leadership compass.

This foundation has been a huge support for me: it’s given me a lens to learn from and a place to draw wisdom.

For you it may be: a parent, faith, mentor, CEO, a president, a general, a statesman, or another historical icon or a combination of a few; whoever it may be, use these people as an anchor, as a north star, in your leadership development. Who is in your mix?

Here’s a tip to help you:

Again, I use Coach John Wooden, one of my leadership authorities, as an example. He used a creed given to him by his father as one of his personal growth authorities in his life. He read it every day starting as a youth until he died in his nineties. Here it is:

“Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day.”

Continue to believe and to be teachable. Let yourself grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. Do it for you, for those you love, and for the good of the world.

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