How to Teach Your Children About E5 Leader


  • How can I get this information into the hands of my children? This is the number 1 question I receive.  You’ve been exposed to E5.  You’ve implemented its teachings into your life.  It is only natural to want to allow it to flow from you into your family, especially your children.
  • Be the best model you can. The best way to teach them is to be a beacon of hope for them.  Be the best model you can.  Offer it to them.  It’s their choice, through free will, to accept it.  Don’t try to force-feed anyone.
  • Buy them the book. When dealing with children, it is effective to use a third-party verification system and a third-party presentation system.  If it’s something that you’re practicing, they see you doing it and now you can do it together!
  • Let them go at their own pace. Their young minds are developing. They have a lot going on in their lives.   As they see you living out the life and culture of thought of an E5 Leader, they’ll adapt.

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