Four Ways to Sow Success

Here is a little known fact about me. You may not believe it. Trust me, I’m telling you the truth.

I love the Little House on the Prairie book series.

I do! Really!

My love affair with Little House started when I was a kid. I would lie on my couch and watch the TV show. Often.

I carried this love for the Little House TV series into college, no joke. My two college roommates were just as hooked. We’d rush back from class to catch the latest airing of the old series. One of my roommates was blind. The other roommate and I would tell him, action by action, what was happening as he listened to the plot.

It was intense.

Fast forward to adult life. My wife began reading our kids the Little House books. I’d fill in once in a while.  Before I knew it, I was just as excited to listen to the evening story as the kids. If I missed story time in the evening, I’d lie down at night and read the chapter I’d missed on my own.

I’ve finished almost all of the books in the series.

So, what is it about the series that is so attractive? I am fascinated by their lifestyle. The idea of a farmer that sows and lives off the land. Totally self-sufficient. Hard work leads to reaping abundance from the labor.

[clickToTweet tweet= “Hard work leads to reaping abundance from the labor.” quote= “Hard work leads to reaping abundance from the labor.”]

Isn’t that the way it should be?  Some of you may think I’m crazy, but I see a freedom in this old-fashioned lifestyle that is appealing and attractive.

This type of lifestyle, sowing seeds to reap good fruit, is representative of personal growth. I love the external representation of this internal reality that is true for each of us.

[clickToTweet tweet= “Sowing seeds to reap good fruit is representative of personal growth.” quote= “Sowing seeds to reap good fruit is representative of personal growth.”]

Good sowing always reaps good, positive returns.  If you keep sowing those good seeds in your life, you will build your own ‘Little House’. Your own place of peace and good fruit, abundance, well-being and self-sufficiency.

What does ‘sowing seeds’ mean for you? What will your hard work and labor result in?

Here are 4 ways of sowing good seeds that will reap benefits.

  1. Sow the seeds in people. How often do you sow seeds of goodness and positivity in those around you?
    • Sow a positive attitude – give people the gift of a smile.
    • Sow understanding and compassion – give people the benefit of the doubt, dig for the good and not the bad (we all have both!).
    • Sow meekness – be unpretentious, deferential, show people that you are interested in them genuinely – show you value them through how you listen and respond.

Give People the Gift of a Smile -

  1. Sow the seeds in your dreams. Our desires, vision and dreams have a way of motivating us and keeping us on the road to somewhere. Feed your dreams with what they need to keep alive.
    • Through your routine, take little steps towards those dreams. For instance, if you have the desire to buy a sailboat, subscribe to a sailing magazine and learn a little each week about the art of sailing. Feeding your dream like this will give your dream more momentum.
    • My wife’s roommate in college was a perfect example of this. She had a dream to backpack across Europe with her boyfriend after graduating. She had a special piggy bank she would store any and all loonies and toonies (Canadian $1 and $2 coins) she came across. For 4 years, she kept up this practice and after graduation they both spent their summer in Europe. On coins!  
  1. Sow the seeds of good daily habits. When I speak or coach, I stress the importance of the daily examine. What I mean by examine is: during the day and at the end of the day, take time to reflect and be rational about what habits of the day are leading you in what direction. Sometimes, we have great habits! Then slowly, over time, they begin to fade away. We say: Oh yeah I used to do that! It was great when I did.... Don’t let great habits fade like old jeans – keep them fresh.  Practising little checks and balances daily will keep you engaged.


  1. Sow the seeds of overcoming. What I know for sure is: the bigger the dream, the larger the goal, the more you will fail, the more you will doubt, the more you will want to give up. Wait! Life is too short to give up on our worthwhile aspirations! So feed your life with a great dose of overcoming. Here are three great ways we can equip ourselves to overcome.
    • Positive self-talk – The battle of your mind can be the difference between you winning or losing.
    • Surround yourself with people who believe in you and love you – Military people will tell you when in a fire fight you dig a fox hole for two – it is good to have support and a helping hand often.
    • Pray – Think of prayer as important as oxygen – we are small and God is Big – a good faith life will give you that extra boost you need to be the person you want to be.   

give up

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