• Forgiveness is the ability to allow someone who’s been in error to have your blessing.
  • Both your ‘I’m sorry’ and your forgiveness need to be genuine.
    • If not, you are giving unforgiveness a hold on your mind, your heart, your emotions, and living in negative and misery.
  • Often, it’s the little things that get us ticked off and off balance.
    • Talk through it.  Be ready to forgive and to move on.  If you hold unforgiveness in your heart, you’re the one who suffers.
  • Control the things in your life that cause anger.
    • You don’t want to find yourself out of balance emotionally.
  • Any wrong that’s ever going to happen to you is forgivable.
    • It may take time because some things are big issues but unforgiveness turns into bitterness, bitterness into sadness.  The sorrow lasts longer than forgiveness.
  • Another benefit of forgiving is that when you are quick to forgive, other people are quick to forgive you as well.

No one lives an error-free life.  Plenty of mistakes will be made in life and need to be forgiven.

  • Teach and practice the art of forgiveness. You’ll be a great example in your home and the community around you and in the world.

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