Becoming a Discipline of What You’re Trying to Achieve



  • Would you rather suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?
    • The pain of discipline is temporary.
    • The pain of regret lasts a lifetime and beyond.
  •  Discipline is a necessary tool we utilize to change and grow forward.
  • “Discipline” comes from the root “disciple”.
    • A disciple is a true believer; somebody who has great conviction.
  • Discipline is a conscious choice to avoid things you want to avoid or to embrace things you want to embrace.
  • How do you get discipline?
    • Surround yourself with the benefits.
  • Don’t over-discipline.
    • Too many overcommit to disciplinary actions and get burned out. To change some habit – positive or negative, make sure that the discipline is manageable.
  • Creating discipline is going to take time.
    • It is going to take a while to make the changes; don’t get discouraged.
  • People will be willing to help with your disciplines.  

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