Is Attitude Everything?



  • Attitude ISN’T everything,
    • But it is one of the main things that you can take captive and control.
  • We want to have awareness of our attitudes:
    • Be seed-sowers.
    • Be positive with our attitude.
    • Make sure that we control it.
  • An attitude can be a predisposition.
    • Because of a past occurrence, it is possible to assess a situation and ‘cop’ a bad attitude.
  • Take captive of the thoughts and harness that attitude before it goes awry.
  • Be aware that our attitudes, as positive people, may be offensive.
    • Recognize when to use that positive attitude and when it’s a good time to keep it to yourself.
  • The happiness that is derived from a good attitude is always a decision that starts by taking control of your inputs.

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Full Transcript:

Hi. Today, we’re going to talk about attitude. I know everybody in the world has probably heard this at one point or another: attitude is everything. Well, I disagree. I don’t think attitude is everything, but I do think attitude is one of the main things that you can take captive and control.

When we talk about attitude – “He has a bad attitude” or “She has a bad attitude” – what are we really communicating? What are we really thinking to ourselves, and what are we really communicating to somebody else?

I know for me in my life, I have a business life, I have a family life, a community life, a church life, and a work life. We have all these different lives that we lead and we’re around and these different people. Each one of them have a certain attitude expectation. You certainly don’t behave the same way in the swimming pool as you do at work, and if you do, you’re probably a sanguine.

Your attitude is so important, and we want to capture our attitude from this essence as an E5 Leader. We want to have awareness of our attitudes. We want to be seed-sowers in the world, and we want to be positive with our attitude. We have to make sure that we control it and it doesn’t control us.

Have you ever met somebody who has a chip on their shoulder and you don’t even really want to be around that person? Well, by taking a dip in your attitude, it’s repelling. If you want to be appealing to people, then just take captive of your thoughts, make a decision, and watch your attitude change.

There’s a whole series of videos that we’ve done over the years, talking about inputs and outputs and how to control them. One of the benefits from that is your attitude. So the next time you’re thinking about the word “attitude,” it’s not a negative; it’s a positive word. As an E5 Leader, we take it, we harness it, we captivate it, and we control our attitude.

Let’s talk about another type of attitude. An attitude is a predisposition. There are some people who walk into a situation and because of historical past, they just immediately figure “This is going to be a bad situation,” and they cop a bad attitude about it.

But what happens to the rest of your day when you have a bad attitude? It actually permeates and moves over into some other areas of your life. I’ve been married for 39 years, and I know sometimes for me, as I’m talking about attitude and I’m talking about altitude – I substitute those words sometimes – my wife will tell me once a while, “Hey, you have a dip in your attitude this week? What’s going on? Is something happening in your life?” because she is normally used to seeing me at a certain level. Maybe you are, too, in your attitude. Maybe you stay at a certain level.

But for those of you who don’t and you have high highs and low lows, being able to harness that attitude is going to make a big impact in your relationships. It’s going to make a big impact in your work life, your family life, your church life, everywhere that you have people in your life –being able to take captive of the thoughts and harness that attitude before it gets awry on you.

Now, I want to talk about something else in relationship to attitude: perception of attitude. Some people walk in and have a great attitude about everything, even when it’s bad. You run into a situation and it’s obviously a terrible situation, but some people have a really great attitude, and they’re able to overcome that situation.

Sometimes the attitudes that we project as positive people are offensive to others. So be mindful of that. Even though you work on a great attitude and it’s people who have great attitudes who win in life, predominantly, some people are going to be offended by that. We never really want to offend somebody, and we never want to really judge somebody because of their perception of our attitude.

So make sure that you have your attitude in check, both pro and con. Know when a good time is to use that positive attitude and when it’s a good time sometimes to just keep it to yourself.

I’ve had situations in my family – maybe you have, too – where they’ve treated me differently because I have such a positive attitude. “You’re always so positive,” “Nothing ever bothers you,” and “How could you be that happy all the time?” I always share with them that the attitude is the only thing in life that we really can control. It’s not the most important thing, but we certainly can control it. The happiness that derives from a good attitude is always a decision that starts by taking control of your inputs and having a good attitude.

I’ll talk to you later. Thanks for being here. Have a great day.

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