7 Ways to Flush Out Negativity From Your Thinking

“Happiness begins where selfishness ends.”

This is a quote from one of my favorite leadership gurus, John Wooden.

Isn’t it the truth? Negativity is selfish in nature: it’s self-pitying, doubt-filled, and fear-driven. Unfortunately, it’s most often the choice we make.

There are plenty of times when I want to give in to exhaustion and negativity, toss in the towel and take the easy route! However, I also know that there’s no good in giving up or giving in.

In times of weakness, we must urgently ask: How are my thoughts and actions hurting those I love? So, I challenge you to make the choice to be positive because positivity is life giving!

Let me tell you: it is life giving not only for yourself but for those around you. Don’t let your own negativity take the joy and beauty out of life – life is far too precious and short for that.

Positive change will always require positive thinking. It takes concentrated effort, mental discipline and time. Training your mind to think in the positive is your ticket to happiness. Our minds work like an Instabank – if you put in positive thoughts, you’ll have the ability to draw out positive thoughts and vice versa.

Our minds have an incredible ability to expel out what they receive. We have the power within ourselves to condition our minds to think positively. Of course, when you do this, your whole life will become sweeter. Your relationships will become richer. Your thinking will become clearer.

Here’s a question for you to ask yourself often: What am I putting into my memory bank?

Let me share with you 7 great ways of flushing out negativity from your thinking.

1. Positive Morning Routine. Waking up is not always easy: our bodies need time to adjust and get ready for the movement of day – and so does our attitude. What’s your mental outlook in the morning about your day to come? Are you generally positive or negative? Get creative and find uplifting ways to start your day on a good note. Get a positive uplifting routine in place to fire you up for the day. Consider prayer, music, quotes, dancing or singing. Starting your day on the right foot will get you on the positive path for the rest of the day.

2. Daily Check-ins. Throughout the day, I’ll often do positivity checks. Pick a few moments in a day and record your thinking. Has it been positive? Are you thinking, “Yes I can!” or oppositely,  “I can’t possibly tackle that!” Move to a Yes-I-Can mindset. The saying “I don’t think I can” comes from a deeper feeling of “I don’t think I am.” These mindsets speak volumes as to your self-confidence and self-worth.

3. Daily Catch. How often do you complain? Do others’ complaints drive you crazy? If you’re like me, you can’t bear being around people who do nothing but complain. Here’s a tip for you: Catch yourself next time you’re about to complain and change that complaint into a positive. You’ll not only be adding positivity to your day but you’ll inspire those who you do it in front of.

4. Dispel Worry. I get it, you are human! We all worry about one thing or another! It’s not often that life gives us moments when there’s nothing to worry about! Some worries are natural, for sure. Some, however, we take too far. In quiet reflection time, I often list my worries. Try it yourself. Make a note of it and have an affirmative quote or phrase that helps you move that worry to the positive. Remember, you can control your thoughts! Have faith in the good, trust, and be positive.

5. Positive Associations. Are the people you spend your time with stretching you towards greatness? For me, my associations have led to my success, so this point is especially close to my heart. My mantra is: if you want to live a positive life, choose positive friends. To me, negativity is like campfire smoke: the more you are around it, the more you smell of it. So, do yourself a favor and choose wisely with whom you spend your time.

6. Positive Inputs. Are the things you see, hear, read and experience helping you to be positive? People counting on you need you to immerse yourself in the things that are going to give you the greatest return! My mom once told me that I needed to treat my mind and heart as if they were a highly impressionable child… Great wisdom. I’ve found that negative inputs always leave me feeling anxious and unfulfilled. St. Paul tells us that our bodies are temples – so start filling your temple with good, wholesome, positive inputs and guide those negative inputs out the back door!

7. Positive Presentation. How does your appearance and presence reflect positivity? I’m blessed to be a naturally positive person. My family will tell you I’m a happy, fun guy – I like to snuggle and tickle my kids, laugh, sing, wrestle and put a smile on other people’s faces. Things like smiling often, dressing for success, putting a hop in your step, walking taller… all these things will help you think more positively. The language of the body affects the mind. Your mind and soul are connected to your body – so your actions, physical wellbeing, physical appearance, and body language all add to your positive outlook on life! Find what inspires you toward positivity.

The power of your thoughts determines the direction and success of not only your own life but also of the lives of your family, organization(s) and others. Do your family and the world a favor: embrace positive thinking! You’ll spread the contagious positivity of a joyful person, the positivity stored up in your bank.

Don’t wait. Become a positive thinker today!

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