3 Ways to Get Ahead Fast the Right Way

Are you the kind of person who is always looking for a quick fix?

Well hey, guess what: me too!   Like: Oh, that thing broke again? Just throw some duct tape on there and let’s roll. 

I don’t generally take that approach to life but I’d much rather fix problems quickly so I can move on to the next thing. I think most of us would. This approach can work sometimes but let’s face it: most of the time, this approach just doesn’t do the trick especially as it relates to the human person and our own personal shortcomings. Band-Aids (or duct tape) can’t fix our imperfections. We’re all just too complex for that.

What if, God forbid, the Mona Lisa got a big old permanent marker blotch on its canvas? Would we say, “Oh, look at that, let’s grab some stain remover and our old wire brush and get that smudge off”? – Heck, no! The curator would faint on the spot (along with the rest of the world!) Rather, that fix would require a much more detailed, patient, expert approach. No one can argue with that.

Well, guess what? You are a masterpiece. To fix those smudges, blotches and other imperfections, it takes a detailed, patient approach.

What I have learned through personal and organizational development is that there are no quick fixes – really.

I would say that there are no real quick fixes, just good habits.  Building good habits takes time, patience, detail and focus.

As a younger man, I was constantly hoping to read that book – you know, THAT book that would make it all click into place for me, change my life forever and make me successful, like magic.  I would hope to stumble across that one speaker who gave THAT one talk that would finally make all the pieces of the puzzle that was my life fall into place, like magic.

Did it ever happen like that, that sought-after Aha moment? Of course not! I have listened to thousands of hours of leadership talks, read insane amounts of leadership and spiritual books and yet I’m still me, still with struggles and imperfections and still on the path to improvement.

Why? Because there’s always more room for improvement, always a new ladder to climb towards success. Success comes from the good, satisfying effort of many days of positivity, great habits and right thinking all put together.

I underestimated the journey: it demands effort but it promises accomplishment when you do it well.

Here are three ways to make sure you stay in the right game of good-old, constant effort that leads to success without falling into the mentality of quick fixes:

1. Slow down. Resist the fast-paced, no reflection type mentality today’s culture glorifies. Getting caught in a pace that is so quick that nothing is done properly will only make you yearn for that unrealistic quick-fix approach to life.  You’ll always be disappointed because it doesn’t exist. Slow down–focus–pray–reflect on how to break free from vice or how to make a positive change. This will actually lead to increased productivity and success!  Doing the same action over and over and expecting different results is nuts. Good fixes take time, prayer and strategy.

2. Small fixes avoid big problems. I’ve been notorious for letting things slide until the problem compounds. A small nick on your windshield, unattended, turns into a huge, unforgiving crack from side to side. Whether this tendency is a flaw in your temperament or a lack of discipline (or both), the fact is, ignoring the small fixes always leads to a big pain in the butt. Success on the front end (facing the problem at the onset) normally leads to success on the back end. So, to avoid the big fixes, make sure you are handling the little ones.

3. Look for good fruit and get some. Mentorship is a huge part of creating that positive change that you are looking for. Again, there is never a quick solution to recognizing and working on your flaws. Mentorship gives you accountability and wisdom and will get you ahead of your peers by years. This is where the expert in fixing the Mona Lisa comes in: you’re not going to just let anyone try to get rid of that blotch! Count on someone who knows the art of mentoring the human person and value the wisdom they can give you.

Masterpieces have never been created overnight.  They require foresight, thought and detailed effort to be accomplished. The human person requires an incredible amount of attention, care and growth in order to fully and truly become the truest version of self. Never forget for a second that you are a masterpiece and you demand great care, reflection and detailed attention. Quick fixes never do the job right. Enjoy the satisfaction of the hard-earned journey!

Go and Grow!

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