3 Habits to Improve Your Tomorrow

For me January 1st is always a strange time of year.

In this strange way, it’s intimidating. I look back on the past year with some regret, thankfully, a good amount of satisfaction, and I look forward to the upcoming year with a lot of anticipation.

Knowing my goals, knowing the path I’ve chosen and knowing there is never an end to growth, I am excited.  Yet, even with the excitement, I am also a little intimidated.

Intimidated because my bar is high. Knowing that all the change I require will take a ton of work!  Then, I remind myself:

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

I don’t know if it’s a result of growing older, or what, but I’ve been examining my life and my decisions more and more often.  This occurs not just at the start of a new year.

As I examine things, as I resolve to keep up the good fight, to continue to grow, continue to explore and learn and reach and become, I can feel overwhelmed by the hurdles, the sheer volume of work that needs to be done!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

This interior struggle, it’s something we all have in common. This struggle is a good thing: if we were content with our current state, we wouldn’t be growing. If you stop growing, you’re actually shrinking.

If you stop running up an escalator going the opposite direction, you’ll be moving backward.

Wanting to make tomorrow better than yesterday should not just be a January 1st type of thing. It should be a daily commitment.

My daily examine looks like this: I look at all five areas in which I look to grow: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. When I focus on finding balance in each of these areas, this gives me a clue on how I can begin to work to become a better person every day.

Changing ourselves might be work, but it will be well worth it.

Self-improvement requires you to change your habits. Here are three habits that you need in order to improve your today to make a better tomorrow:

1. Preparedness: Ask yourself: What I am I going to do today to improve myself?

2. Reflection: Time is critical for self-improvement. Stop, think and pray about what needs to be done, what you have going on and which of these actions are moving you towards your goals.

3. Action: Apply what you have learned. This may be difficult because change is often hard. Positive change is always worth it. Continue to learn and grow. Out of reflection comes action. Otherwise, your reflection is fruitless.

Learn something new every day, reflect on it and apply it to your life as soon as you can. 

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