11 Ways to Add Motivation to Your Life

Motivation is one of those strange things. It can come to you through a bunch of different ways but not all motivation sticks. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received about motivation was the saying Me Motivates Me.

Why did this help me so much? I’ve come to recognize that if the motivation was from within me, it wasn’t fickle and it couldn’t fly away with the slightest breeze. If I hardwired motivation within me, I could be propelled toward any dream with ease.

Back in 8th grade, I went on a field trip to a farm. We all got a chance to ride the horses. This was the first time I was on horseback. However I tried, I couldn’t control my horse! He wouldn’t stop eating the bushes. All I wanted was to get moving to catch up to my group. I was sure I’d get lost in the woods with this stubborn horse! Whatever I did, I just couldn’t motivate him.

I obviously couldn’t get through to my horse the right way. Like my stubborn horse, we all need the right motivators in order to move forward with our daily tasks and responsibilities. To move forward in our hopes and dreams for the future. To move forward in our good habits.

Family, community and love: we are built for these. These things encourage us, give us determination. These are my big motivators. It is these kind of motivators that help us to succeed at our goals. There’s a quote by Og Mandino that gives me comfort and motivation as I move forward towards success in my daily life: “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

Do you want to find your motivators?

Here’s my list of 11 ways to add motivation to your life and propel you towards success:

1.  People motivate and inspire people

  • Get around people that fire you up! With words, high fives, tokens of appreciation and their quality time.
  • The people you surround yourself with will help to determine your success.

2.  Places and events inspire us

  • There are places or events that inspire each one of us. What are yours? The ocean with its vastness is often a place like that for people. As a great concert hall inspires an aspiring violinist, where do you go?

3.  Books inspire us

  • Words can get us moving in the right direction. Ask people you admire what books have impacted their lives and begin a book list. One day, you can even pass that list to someone who looks up to you.

4.  Talks and audio materials motivate us

  • This one, for me, is big.  I have listened to thousands of hours of leadership in my Jeep driving around town. Use driving or exercise time to get yourself motivated with the right words.

5.  Objects inspire us

  • In my office, I have pictures and memorabilia that inspire me. A drawing by my 5 year old daughter is one.  A painting that once belonged to my dad hangs there as well. I once even wore a rubber band around my wrist to remind me to talk less and listen more!

6.  Self-motivation or self-talk inspires us

  • Visualize your personal success and use your own thoughts of positivity and belief to drive your attitude. I think I can! 

7.  Properly-aligned priorities motivate us

  • When my priorities are properly aligned and my life in balance, I am motivated by my smooth sailing. Work on aligning your priorities with more precision and be inspired by your success.

8.  Dreams motivate us

  • Nothing can be more motivating than visualizing the future: seeing what can be and running after it. Passions, desires, dreams and goals are all motivators.

9.  Our strengths and talents motivate us

  • When you are thinking and working within your strengths zone–the areas in which you do well– life is generally more motivating because you feel successful at what you do instead of feeling defeated and tired.

10.  We are inspired when we understand and improve our current reality

  • Doesn’t it feel great to see daily successes and improvement in yourself? When you seek improvement and move beyond your comfort zone into greatness, this, itself, is highly motivating.

11.  Reflection and prayer motivates us

  • We all need a pit stop here and there to refuel.  When you stop to think and reflect, you are giving yourself the boost needed for the next race. This recharge time wipes away fatigue and reenergizes you.

How can you add more motivation to your life? Take this list and add motivators where they are lacking.  Discover what inspires you, what gets you away from munching on those leaves and moving forward along the trail like my horse. The path to success has motivation and determination written all over it. Pave your path with inspiring motivation today!

Go and Grow!

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